Personal resilience

Resilience = who I am and what I stand for

Change is more than ever the only constant within the current business context. The continually adjusted expectations of markets, organizations and regulators, the complexity and lack of clarity around responsibilities and the decentralization of decision making processes demand the utmost of employees. In order to deal with this in a healthy way, it is important that they are able to make decisions in line with who they are and what they stand for. These are the basic questions to help people grow from just a job to an identity, from being employed to being valuable.

What is covered:

CoreTalents assessment

Your favorite toys and the things you love to do as a child tell you all about your abilities and the talents you have. Children’s play is the basis of the CoreTalent method, which reveals your character, your talent and your motives. In short, if you can play out your core talents in your daily life, you are in a natural stream, a flow, in which you feel good because everything is as it should be.

As a child, were you a reader or were you fond of animals? Did you like to play puppet show and do nothing more than tell stories, or did you sing in front of the mirror all day? Discovering your favorite children’s activities and how to use that knowledge to make the right choices is a surprising and particularly fun way to find not only the right study or job, but also more peace and happiness.

An analysis is a job for specialists. It takes half an hour to complete the online questionnaire. On the basis of this, we measure exactly how much, whether less willingly or not at all, you liked to do something and we immediately map out your specific CoreTalent constellation. Interpreting the result is much more complex. The one CoreTalent influences the other and the combinations are not immediately obvious. A well-structured in-depth interview maps out your upbringing, life events, education, environment and opportunities. The analyst combines these two parts to know exactly what you are like, what you would like to do and what makes your eyes shine.

Dealing with change & positive focus (1 day)

When you are frequently confronted with changes, the search for a balance between loyal co-evolution on the one hand and choosing your own path autonomously on the other hand is essential. In this programme we coach you in the search for a healthy way of dealing with change.

You will gain insight into the nature and function of resistance and the mechanisms of stress. By means of a simple diagnostic instrument, you will map out your stress sources and your healthy and unhealthy stress management strategies.

From an inventory of what gives you energy and what you are good at (possibly using the above CoreTalent method) you expand your self-image and discover your core qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies.

Next, you will apply these to cases you have made. We always do this with a positive focus and help you to see opportunities in every change in an inspiring way.

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