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Develop today what the future will thank you for

Trends and big data analyses have shown the impact of automation, globalization, aging, urbanisation and the rise of the green economy on the evolution of our jobs. And that is not a doomsday scenario, but an open-ended story. What’s more, by adding a mix of complementary and interpersonal skills to the cocktail of key competences, the majority of today’s jobs can be upgraded to a job of the future.

This is how we do it

Headstream LXP

Take your personal development into your own hands with social & self-directed learning and personalized recommendations. Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is designed to create a seamless experience in consulting quality content so that you can quickly and easily use what you learn and upgrade your job.


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Personal resilience

Are you confronted with changes that are not always under your control? Do you threaten to lose a lot of energy in focusing on what goes wrong? Is your self-esteem under pressure? Then join us in our search for your core talents and your personal, healthy, stress management strategies.


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Digital Transformers Track

Do you find the future fascinating too? So do we! Digital transformation is a fact and redesigns organisations at every level. The goal of this track is not to avoid that you will loose your face by changes. It’s about giving a face to change. After this track you will be able to start concrete projects and take your organization into the universe of digitization and innovation. This track prepares you for the role of Digital Transformer; you give your skills and knowledge a solid boost!


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Senior Expert Essentials

In times of rapid change, specialisation and expertise are both a blessing and a curse. As a (senior) expert, you know more and more in depth than the others what’s going on. And that’s exactly what makes it difficult to get everyone involved. Do you want to take on a truly leading role as an expert with impact?


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Our courses

Revolv has a strong reputation in developing and delivering training programs. Our offer includes numerous courses on personal effectiveness for individual employees, both in classrooms and through our online social learning platform Headstream LXP. We offer these courses in-company, but also in open offer.

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