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The regular license allows you to customize, store and even host your website using your platform

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The regular license allows you to customize, store and even host your website using your platform

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What do customers think of Stack?

A lot of things have changed since the culture transformation workshop: the implementation of the plan, the interest of other departments to follow the initiative and the need for cultural change on the agenda of the management committee.

My greatest satisfaction is to see that the way of thinking and considering employees is today strongly influenced by the better understanding of their cultural profile and their motivational needs.

Fernando Diaz

Last year we developed a learning campaign to empower our colleagues in their job. In a VUCA world everything is changing so fast and we want our employees to be able to choose better based on their their talents and be better deployed. Revolv helped us give the content and approach of this learning campaign more structure and depth. Made to stick and proceed to action. Thanks to their help, the learning campaign became a success and we received several compliments from our staff.

Leni De Goeyse

My team was lacking alignment. We had the feeling everybody was working hard on their own work and at the same time we did not feel that we worked together as a team. The team coaching allowed to bring sensitive topics to the table; we got to understand how every team member sees his/her working environment from a different perspective. Finally, it helped us to create a team purpose and thus helped us to align more as a team.

Zeger De Spiegelaere

I spoke with directors in the business and they were very praising about your support and workshops. They valued the time investment, appreciated the structured feedback, the strong intakes, your enormous flexibility concerning planning and agenda’s and the fact that the timing was reached. A big added value.

The result: strong discussions, relevant input for the offsite, employees who are more aware and engaged and everything at a very reasonable price.

Katrien Aerts

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This depends on whether your plan to process the payment on your site or not. We recommend using a third-party provider to unburden yourself.

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