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Revolv is your go-to partner for the implementation of next generation learning solutions. Revolv is the Belgian partner of HT2Labs, the creators of Curatr and Learning Lockr. Their innovations are used by organisations to develop exceptional talent with remarkable efficiency.

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Before the implementation can start, we will do an exploratory interview. This allows us to map the wishes and expectations of your company and to propose solutions in our ecosystem. Afterwards we switch to a comprehensive analysis together with future users of Curatr and Learning Lockr in your company.

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Tailor-made development

Our certified developers know the Learning Management ecosystem as their pocket and have the necessary skills to turn any learning initiative, both simple and complex, into a user-friendly digital module.

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Advice & training

Do you have the feeling you are not fully utilizing your current L & D solutions? We are happy to analyze your use and optimize where possible.

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The best of HT2Labs

Develop leadership expertise with Curatr LXP

Leadership development goes beyond the traditional LMS. Use Curatr to create social learning experiences, align learning content with business strategy and develop leadership expertise.

Make learning measurable with Learning Locker®

Learning happens everywhere. Learning Locker® helps organizations connect data from different systems in one Learning Record Store, making it a seamless source of analysis to make learning measurable.

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