People Management Essentials

This five-day training is meant for new people managers or experienced people managers who have followed little or no training.

They learn to:

1. Understand the motivation needs of their employees very sharply and adjust their management accordingly

2. Organize their team in a participative manner with lean and agile methods

3. Challenge very good, good and weak performers, to give feedback and to hold responsible

4. Coach employees, create trust in a group and mediate conflicts

5. Guide their employees through changes, teach them a learning mindset and coach them on resilience and stress

In this training we always start from real cases of participants, interspersed with business games and simulations to create shared experiences within the group. Theory and models are used to provide more insight into the reality of the participants where necessary. Techniques, tips & tricks ensure that everything that is learned is concrete and applicable.

The training can be shortened and adapted to suit your organization.

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It gives you the opportunity to reflect on how you manage your team and you get to hear from others how they do it, both inside and outside your business line, which makes cross-pollination possible.

Trainer with expertise who can bring the matter in a very smooth way and can clarify situations through real-life examples.

Il s’agit d’une formation moderne, dynamique, tres puissante, energetique, on participe et on fait des exercises en permanenence et comme elle est etalée en plusieurs mois on develope confiance et avec les autre participants et on s’ouvre à la decouverte honete et serieuse. Franchement tres contente!!

Chacune des sessions du trajet m’a donné l’occasion de prendre du recul sur les mécaniques d’équipe. J’ai aussi reçu et intégré plusieurs grilles de lecture pour comprendre les comportements et motivations des collaborateurs.