Management Coaching

These sessions are primarily intended for experienced managers, who have already followed training on people management and / or leadership. During an intervision, we will work on the participants’ cases, with the aim of gaining new insights about the specific challenges or problems they are confronted with – for example, the switch to working with virtual teams. Our approach is specific and practical.

Field Coaching
This type of coaching aims to accelerate the learning curve of managers from the observation of what they are doing ‘on the ground’. To do so, the coach initially follows a number of team meetings and individual interviews with employees (coaching, evaluation meetings, etc.). This is followed by a half-day feedback session, in which we draw up a development plan together with the manager and learn and practice a number of techniques.

Personal coaching
With these coaching sessions, we aim at executives who go through difficulties, have to take the next step or are ready for a personal reflection on their career. The primary focus is on gaining insight into a problem or challenge, making choices and eliminating blocking beliefs, rather than learning new skills, although this approach is also possible. Usually, 4 to 6 sessions of 1.5 hours are sufficient to achieve results.