360° Leadership Survey & Upward Feedback

Our 360° Leadership Feedback programme consists of two parts:

1. 4P™ 360° Leadership Skills Survey

This survey helps your leaders:

1. Gain insight into how their leadership is experienced by their employees, their direct manager, their colleagues and their (internal) customers;

2. Mapping out what they should continue to do and what they can improve in order to better respond to everyone’s needs;

3. To draw up a development plan for each of their areas of improvement.

The survey measures your manager’s leadership skills in 12 core competencies that are important for both centralized and decentralized organizations. However, we can tailor the survey to suit your organisation if you wish.

Overview of leadership skills assessed in a standard 360° survey

2. The Upward Feedback Workshop helps them to sharpen the expectations of their employees with very concrete suggestions made by them.