Coaching leaders in empowerment

Empowerment is the new leadership

Self-steering business units and teams today demonstrate that employees are perfectly capable of organizing themselves. Does the manager still have any added value? Absolutely! In the first place by giving direction. The modern leader helps his/her people to focus on goals, roles and the way in which they are discussed within the team and guides them through sometimes difficult changes. He coaches on motivational needs and talents. Such competencies are crucial within organizations that have chosen to decentralize.

A lot of knowledge and experience, examples and stories. Apart from that a funny style, very pleasant to listen to! The exercises are applied often by our employees, so very relevant. And we can ask questions about problems that are critical now; they were willing to adapt the schedule and bring the session “change” to the front. Great experience!

Yannick Stolk

This is how we do it

360°Leadership Survey & Upward Feedback

Our 360 ° Leadership Survey gives your managers a better view on how their leadership is experienced by their employees, direct supervisors, colleagues and (internal) clients. The survey measures their leadership skills in 12 core competencies that are important for both centralized and decentralized organizations. With the Upward Feedback workshop we then map out how your leaders can work with the expectations of their employees.

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People Management Essentials

With this program we bring your new managers the essential skills of the people manager. They work with lean and agile methods and explore how they can organize their team participatively. Challenging and giving feedback are also discussed. These are basic skills to ensure that people take responsibility for their performance and are permanently open to learning. On top of that, we work on their coaching capacities. After all, a strong leader ensures peace and trust within the team and mediates in conflicts. Immediately the best basis for piloting teams through changes.

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Management Coaching

For experienced managers, we developed three different forms of individual and group coaching, tailored to their specific needs. The guidance provided by senior coaches and our typical pragmatic and result-oriented approach, however, runs like a red thread through the approach.

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Empowering Leadership

In this training, we provide managers with the key techniques for the four core competences of empowering leadership: participatory organization, delegation, coaching and challenge. This is ideal for organizations that are making the transition to an empowering style of management in the context of a culture transformation, a decentralization of decisions or a New Way Of Working.

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High Potential Leadership Track

Your future leaders have the task to guide your organization through a world that is exponentially more connected than today; in which everything that can be distributed will also be distributed: workers, organizations, supply networks, and more. The proven practices of centralized organizations come under pressure in a future in which authority is decentralized. Rigid hierarchies make way for more liquid structures. Are your high potential leaders ready for this future?

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