How we work

Our principles

We do NOT assume an ideal culture for an entire organization. Every division, department or team has a unique contribution to make to the overall strategy and that includes a unique culture. We find it counterproductive to let sales teams, research teams and administrative teams work in exactly the same way.

We work with preventive and curative measures. To change or consolidate a culture, working on behavior is important. Behavioral change falls under the term “curative measures”. However, these measures are useless if the working environment does not promote the desired culture. That is why we pay attention to “preventive measures” such as processes, reward systems and symbols.

Our approach is designed in such a way that it can be flexibly adapted to every reality. We always integrate existing processes and systems, always work participatively and pay attention to the importance of appropriate rewards when consolidating (behavioral) changes.

We work with substantiated scientific models and at the same time keep it fun and concrete. Because we all learn in different ways, during workshops we use a mix of individual and group learning, theory and application, serious reflection and playful learning with “business games”, experiments and playful scientific film material. We adapt the approach to the organizational and team culture. However, the result is always a concrete action plan.

We work fully tailored to our clients needs. This means that together we determine what the best solution is in our clients case. This can range from a workshop to a fully detailed guidance process with analysis, team coaching, training, consultancy for the implementation of new processes and individual coaching. Our clients needs determine the type of intervention.

We’re always looking for talent

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