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Compare this team coaching with a preventive maintenance of your car. Preventive maintenance is done with a car that drives well today, with the aim that it will continue to run well in the future; the same for your team. A sputtering team collaboration entails a double risk: both the team results and the commitment and well-being of team members can suffer.

Before the start of the team coaching (usually 1 full day) all team members complete a questionnaire to map the current team functioning. This questionnaire assesses both the ‘hardware’ (structure and organization) and the ‘software’ (including trust and commitment) of the team.

As far as hardware is concerned, we use the GRIP model (Brimm & Tichy) to find out to what extent goals, roles, consultation moments and working methods are both clear and accepted by team members.

For the ‘software’ we use the 5-dysfunctions model of Patrick Lencioni to gauge the trust among the team and its impact on for example the way of consultation, keeping each other accountable and commitment to team results.

During the team coaching the output of this questionnaire will be examined. What do your team members see today as strengths that can be capitalized and what are the areas for improvement that can be tackled further? Your team members get a shared picture of how they look at themselves as a team. This discussion also provides an opportunity to further develop skills in giving feedback to each other from a collaborative mindset.

After the team has made a selection of the most important areas for improvement, it takes a number of commitments to improve cooperation and communication within the team as a whole. These are translated into action plans: what can we improve, how are we going to do this, when, who and how are we going to follow everything, …

After a period of 2 months, we recommend that the team review the status of the commitments made: what works, what does not work and what to do about it.

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