Developing agile teams

Developing teams with one step ahead

In a world where certainty has become an illusion, agile teams provide clarity. They know exactly where they want to go and that drives them. The way they work is sharp and transparent for everyone. This also means they regularly evaluate the health of the team and stop and reflect on the internal dynamics.

I am writing this note to thank you. Not only did we all experience something new with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, we also made it to the core discussion related to our team working. When reviewing that day, we all admitted it was a positive and useful experience. I can’t explain, though noticed that the visualization made the discussion easier, less threatening for the individuals.

Our resulting guiding principles, to be used when the discussion tilts towards being tough or rough, are now printed on the wall of our Board room 😉 Thank you for your energy, for your ability to trigger, guide and drive the discussion; with each time the right question or by turning us back to the visual expressions.

Jan De Braeckeleer
General Manager Service Centre, KBC

This is how we do it

Team Identity with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

With this strategic team coaching, we guide teams towards answers to fundamental questions such as ‘Why do we exist’ and ‘What are our principles of cooperation?’. We use the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology, an innovative process designed to bring out the hidden expertise and insights of the team members. The result is a team building moment with in-depth reflection and effective dialogue, which is invariably experienced as fun and dynamic.

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Team Check-Up with G.R.I.P.

You could call this team coaching a preventive maintenance for teams, no matter how well they run. After all, you want to avoid a sputtering cooperation or get rid of it quickly. Because both the team results and the commitment and well-being of the team members will suffer as a result. And then the engine risks running out of control in the long run. During this hands-on coaching, we work on the ‘hardware’ (structure and organisation) and the ‘software’ (including trust and commitment) of the team. On the basis of a questionnaire, the participants make a selection of the most important points for improvement and commit themselves to fine-tuning the whole.

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Agile Team Performance

This workshop for teams facing the transition to a New Way Of Working (NWOW) starts with a ‘virtual team game’, which provides a realistic picture of what is going on in an environment in which people work where and when they want. It allows team and manager to become concrete about the impact on their goals, roles, consultation methods and work processes. In the next step, we will look at the critical skills for a successful implementation of the new approach: focusing on results (and no longer on tasks), giving each other feedback and holding each other accountable, constructive consultation, and working in a solution-focused manner. At the end, the participants realise an action plan and make agreements.

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Business Games in Change Management

Business Games are the ideal vehicle to create awareness in your team for the need to change, desire for a certain change and the ability to change. In collaboration with De Aanstokerij we offer Business Games in around New Way of Working (NWOW), Agile, Empowerment, Lean, Newly Assembled Teams and Customer Care.


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