Cultural Change Accelerator

With the Cultural Change Accelerator we guide your Change Agents in positively influencing the corporate culture in the daily work and the informal areas of the organization. The Cultural Change Accelerator helps you to effectively realize your cultural transformation with a sustainable impact.

In the Cultural Change Accelerator, the formal leaders of the organization are brought together on a regular basis with the informal leaders to consult and jointly determine and follow up actions. In a ‘business as usual’ mode, this must be possible without the guidance of an external facilitator.

Our guidance in the Cultural Change Accelerator is threefold:

a. Building trust in the start-up phase

b. Intervention in difficult ‘cases’, teams, change phases, …

c. Strengthen the competencies of both formal and informal leaders

Phase 1: Start-up (duration: 1 month)

  1. Preparatory workshop with supervisors and MT in which the approach is explained and the roles clarified.
  2. Workshop of 1 hour per team
  3. Change Agent Index and selection of informal leaders
  4. Individual intakes with informal leaders
  5. Start-up workshop with informal leaders in which the approach is explained and the roles clarified

Phase 2: Consultation moments between informal and formal leaders

During these intervision sessions per department actions are defined to realize the cultural transformation. A first intervision session is by definition facilitated us. Later on this can then be gradually internalized, with or without our coaching as support.

Initially the intervision sessions take place monthly, then every two months or per quarter.

Strengthen competences (in) formal leaders

In order for these intervisions to take place qualitatively, strengthening the competences of all Change Agents is part of the Cultural Change Accelerator. Using a mix of online and face-to-face master classes, we provide an offer tailored to your organization.

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