4P™ Culture & Climate Transformation

The 4P™ Culture & Climate Transformation approach consists of two parts:

1. 4P™ Strategy Fit Analysis

2. Culture Transformation Workshop

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The 4P™ Strategy Fit Analysis

With the 4P Strategy Fit Analysis we help you:

1. Gain insight into how your managers and employees experience the company culture.

2. Mapping out which elements they absolutely want to keep and which elements they want to see evolve themselves.

3. Very concretely determine which company levers need to be adapted in order to get the most out of your culture transformation. 15 crucial levers are analysed: customer focus, leadership, strategy, organisational structure, decision-making, innovation, change management, operational excellence, team management, performance management, talent management, learning & development, compensations & benefits, recruitment and NWOW.

The analysis can be carried out up to departmental level. You may not want your sales department to function like your bookkeeper department, and vice versa (and neither may they!).

Parties involved in the Strategy Fit analysis

The Culture Transformation Workshop (2 days)

Adapt your organisational culture to your strategy without losing the commitment and motivation of your employees. This two-day workshop is intended for management committees and departmental management teams.

1. Determine which culture and possibly which subcultures are most ideal for the company, both to engage customers and employees.

2. Mapping out which cultural levers need to be adapted, how exactly and in what order.

3. Draw up a Culture-Transformation Plan that takes into account the change needs and willingness of managers and employees. Together we determine the ideal mix of waterfall, team, viral and collective change methods, and determine how destructive forms of resistance should be dealt with consistently.

The 4P Culture Model