Building an engaging company culture

Thoughtful and engaging cultural transformations

A company culture is the expression of the values of the employees and their convictions about what needs to be done to be successful. As a result, apart from the daily practices, culture has a significant impact on how the levers for success (strategy, structure, processes and branding) are shaped. A thoughtful and coherent approach to cultural transformation with attention to all these elements is therefore essential for sustainable growth.

A lot of things have changed since the culture transformation workshop: the implementation of the plan, the interest of other departments to follow the initiative and the need for cultural change on the agenda of the management committee.

My greatest satisfaction is to see that the way of thinking and considering employees is today strongly influenced by the better understanding of their cultural profile and their motivational needs.

Fernando Diaz

This is how we do it

4P™ Culture & Climate Audit

With this audit, you will gain insight into how your managers and employees experience your company culture and which elements they absolutely want to keep and/or see evolve. We make it clear which company levers need to be adapted in order to get the most out of your culture transformation.


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Cultural Transformation Workshop

In this workshop for executive committees and management teams, a Culture Transformation Plan is drawn up that takes into account the willingness and needs for change of your managers and employees. Together, we define the ideal mix of waterfall, team, viral and collective change methods and look at how destructive forms of resistance can be dealt with consistently.


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Change Agent Index

The Change Agent Index charts your organization’s viral network. It provides insight into the main influencers, their connections and their opinions on certain issues. This is crucial for those aspects of a corporate culture that cannot be formalized, such as the conversations between employees and the usually small but concrete actions of people who can create or break a culture.


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Cultural Change Accelerator

With the Cultural Change Accelerator, we show your Change Agents how they can positively influence the corporate culture in their daily work and in the informal atmosphere. The Cultural Change Accelerator helps you to realise your culture transformation effectively, with a sustainable impact. In this hands-on programme, the formal leaders of the organisation are brought together on a regular basis with the informal leaders to discuss and together determine and follow up actions. In parallel, we organise tailor-made master classes to develop the change competences of your Change Agents.


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