Senior Expert Essentials

Taking the lead as expert

In times of rapid change, specialization and expertise are both a blessing and a curse. As a (senior) expert you know more and more profoundly than the others how the system works. And that makes it difficult to keep everyone on board. Would you like to take a leading role with real impact?

What is covered:

Communicating with impact

Get feedback on your communication skills and map out your stakeholders, their decision-making styles and interests. Learn to align your message in terms of form, content and decision-making style and increase its acceptance through participation and increasing your credibility.

Building bridges and dealing with resistance

Work  with different types of resistance on the basis of self-selected cases. Explore rational, emotional and personal resistance. Learn how to reach consensus and win-win decisions with the Harvard Negotiation Model.

Coaching and feedback

Learn how you can take on a role as coach with the GROW coaching model. Learn how to unlock limiting beliefs and increase problem-solving ability. Discover different ways of giving feedback to give compliments, stimulate development and keep colleagues responsible.

Often requested extra modules

Time Management

Identify which tasks are really important for your projects and learn how to prioritize and organize your time accordingly. Learn how to efficiently manage your mailbox and to-do lists and to say no where necessary. Map your own time wasters and take on the fight with procrastination.

Creative Problem Solving

New problems require new solutions. Get acquainted with the creative process and your own creative preferences. Acquire the skills to clarify problems / opportunities, generate ideas,  select & develop solutions and finally implement them.

Change & Stress Management

Learn how you can effectively manage change with the help of proven change management methods. Learn how you can create awareness and desire; develop knowledge and skills and how you can reinforce change. Discover the essence of stress and burnout, identify unhealthy stress management tactics and learn how to coach on developing healthy stress management tactics.

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