Digital Transformers Track

The next step for digital brains and young wolves

Do you find the future exciting? We also! Digital transformation is a fact and redesigns organizations at every level.

The goal of this track is not to avoid loosing your face due to changes. It is giving change a face. After this track you will be able to start up concrete projects and take your organization into the universe of digitization and innovation. This track prepares you for the role of Digital Transformer; we give your skills and knowledge a strong boost!

What is covered:

Digital Strategy & Agile Ways of Working (2 days)

You start thinking like a start-up: you build ‘user stories’ and learn about ‘lean’ methods and ‘scrum’ practices. You learn how to work with the Business Model Canvas.

Empowering Leadership (1,5 days)

You learn to create the framework within which your team can work with the necessary autonomy. You learn the most important techniques of coaching, how you stimulate and challenge team members and, where necessary, hold them accountable.

Process Design & Facilitation (1 day)

Discover how you can design your own workshops and meetings to maximize the potential of your participants. Learn the most important skills of a facilitator in creating trust, facilitating disagreements and arriving at behavioral decisions.

Human Centered Design (2 days)

Learn to put your customers first in the way your products and services are conceived, prototyped, wireframed, … Learn how to create real experiences and follow up on their efficiency.

Creating Innovation (1 day)

The most complex problems require the clearest minds and the most effective methods. You will learn how to get started with innovation and how you can transform problems into ideas, solutions and experiments.

Digital Marketing (2 days)

Activation, acquisition, conversion, retention and optimization no longer have any secrets for you after this profound dive into the digital marketing funnel.

Data Driven Decision Making (1,5 days)

Data analysis controls decision making processes: you get an introduction to (big) data and how to use it in making decisions in daily practice.

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