High Potential Leadership Track

Start now with supercharging your leaders of tomorrow

Your future leaders have the challenge to guide your organization through a world that is exponentially more connected than today; in which everything that can be distributed will be distributed: workforce, organizations, supplier networks, and more. The proven practices of centralized organizations come under pressure in a future where authority is decentralized. Rigid hierarchies make way for more liquid structures. Are your high potential leaders ready for this future?

What will be covered:

Strategy-development in a VUCA-world (2 days)

Develop on behalf of the EXCO scenarios and plausible visions for the future of your organization. Meet the impact vs. uncertainty grid. Put your scenarios in practice with the Business Model Canvas. Present your conclusions to the group and get started with valuable feedback.

Change management

Learn how you can manage change effectively with the help of proven change management methods. Learn how you can create awareness and desire; how to develop knowledge and skills by means of coaching & training; how you can deal with resistance and reinforce change.

Organizational politics

Identify your stakeholders, their decision-making styles and interests. Learn to align your message in terms of form, content and decision style and increase its acceptance through participation (when and how to engage people). Learn to increase your credibility and the attractiveness of your project. Learn how to reach consensus and win-win decisions with the Harvard Negotiation Model.

Agile project work

Discover the difference between agile and traditional project management. Apply this to your product vision and create roadmaps, release and sprint plans. Experiment with daily briefings, sprint reviews and retrospectives. Create an agile collaboration structure for your own department.

Personal resilience

You start by studying the phenomenon of ‘stress’, where it comes from and what consequences it has. You identify your own sources of stress and determine how to deal with them. You then map out productive and unproductive stress management tactics. Finally, you are introduced to time management inspired by the Getting Things Done method.


Learn how to draw up a development plan and organise 1-on-1’s with a focus on growth and development. Learn how to coach on growth with the GROW technique and unblock limiting beliefs. Coach on mutual trust by evaluating the confidence level in the team, dealing with disagreements and conflicts of interest. Use D. Ofman’s core quadrants to learn how to deal with personality differences.

Innovating like a Lean Start-Up (2 days)

Get acquainted with the lean innovation process and the build-measure-learn process. Get to know your own innovation preferences with the FourSight assessment. Start by clarifying a problem or opportunity. Generate ideas and learn techniques to select the most valuable ones. Pitch your prototypes and adjust them based on the feedback from focus panels of opinion leaders. Work out your final project with the Business Model Canvas and present this to the EXCO.

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