Employee Empowerment

Revolv is a mission to end ‘being lived’ at work. Revolv mobilizes people, teams and complete organizations to use the power of Employee Empowerment, with positive change, resilience and participation at its core. The result? People in motion, and a refreshingly, new, purposeful dynamic in your company.

Positive change & decisions

Empowerment is about taking decisions to make positive changes to yourself, your team, your business or your society. It’s about sensing what’s wrong or what could be improved, and doing something about that.

Resilience & accountability

Making a change means stirring things up. Taking a risk, and having supporters and criticizers. Empowerment is dealing with these risks, using a growth mindset, and letting experiences like failure and successes be the motor of your learning journey.

Participation & feedback

Empowerment never happens on your own. It’s always you, in relation to other people. Speaking up, (dis)agreeing with your management team, taking part in the corporate conversation. Asking yourself a question and then asking that question to someone else.

  • LEGO Serious Play helped us to create a team purpose and thus helped us to align more as a team.

    Zeger De Spiegelaere
    Plant Manager, Akzo Nobel
  • “It's a whole other group dynamic and a totally different experience. You discuss some things more profoundly and still it becomes very tangible in a very short time.”
    Ellen Van Beek
    Departement Head Order & Trade, KBC Group
  • “It made me able to focus more on my strengths and delegate my weaknesses instead of getting frustrated over trying to turn them into a strength. You enlarge your chances of succes/happiness and reduce stress!”
    Isabelle Moussiaux
    Founder, HappyBags
  • “The program gave me a lot of insights in the operations and challenges of other teams. I learned how to better communicate and cooperate with them.  ”
    Lien Lauwers
    Knowledge Manager, KBC


Refreshingly powerful

  • “Astonishing how the CoreTalents analysis confirms and surprises at the same time. A very compelling exercise, privately as well as professionally!”
    Koen Verrecht
    Founder, Faro360
  • “Colleagues look to each other differently and with more respect. They know each others strengths and use these at work! 
    Kristiaan Vandevoorde
    Team Leader, KBC
  • “The collaboration improved, people listen better to experts and acknowledging each others talents makes the team proud. People work together to tackle common issues.  ”
    Nadia Van Dijck
    Team Leader, KBC
  • “It is for me the creation of an open, honest and safe working environment with respect for each others talents, needs and weaknesses as a basis. Engagement is a direct consequence of this.”
    Elke Reniers
    Incubator, KBC



Revolv has been able to reach maturity thanks to a lot of wonderful partners. Make sure to pay them a visit, too!